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Saint Michael's Day, September 29. Names for boys

Saint Michael's Day, September 29. Names for boys

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Miguel is a name for boys of Hebrew origin that means 'nobody like God'. It is a perfect name for its simplicity, forcefulness and familiarity. We are facing one of the most frequent names that can be used alone or accompanied by other names. Celebrate your name day September 29, what is the day of Santo Miguel.

On the 29th the Day of San Miguel is celebrated in honor of Archangel Michael. The Catholic Church considers him one of the protectors, the head of the Armies of God, the lawyer of the chosen people. San Miguel has several sanctuaries in the world, such as Tlaxcala in Mexico. He is usually represented as a soldier with a spear who is fighting the demon.

Miguel's name also celebrates his saint on other dates and in honor of other holy characters. February 9 is the day of San Miguel Febres Cordero (Ecuadorian saint); on April 10, that of San Miguel de Todos los Santos (Spanish religious); on May 14, that of San Miguel Garicoits (founder of the Fathers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Betharram); on May 23, from San Miguel de Sinada (Turkish bishop); on August 7, from San Miguel de la Mora (Mexican martyr); and the 22 of November, of San Miguel de Tver (Russian prince).

Santo Miguel is not the only saint that is celebrated on September 29. Share a special day with others such as Saint Gabriel the Archangel, Saint Raphael the Archangel, Saint Alaric of Ufnau, Saint John of Dukia, Saint Maurice of Carnoet or Saint Renato Goupil.

And if you are one of those who enjoy congratulating people on the day of their saint, then we leave you the list of the most important saints of the month of September.

  • September 1, San Arturo
  • September 2, Santa Raquel
  • September 6, San Diego
  • September 8, Santa Nuria
  • September 12, Santa Dulce
  • September 15, Our Lady of Sorrows
  • September 17, Saint Ariadne
  • September 18, Hagia Sophia
  • September 21, San Mateo
  • September 24, Our Lady of Mercedes
  • September 25, Santa Andrea

Now that we know who Saint Michael was and what other saints are celebrated for the same season, we focus on learning more about the name of Michael. For example, some of your curiosities! If you finally decide on this name for your baby, you will love to meet them.

- Miguel's name in other languages
The name Michael is known throughout the world thanks to the Hebrew tradition, and throughout the world it enjoys enormous popularity and frequency. It has an infinite number of variants, but we highlight the Basque Mikel, the Catalan Miquel, the French Michel, the Greek Mixalis and the English Michael. And we can't forget your feminine variant, which we love, Micaela.

- Historical figures who have carried this name
The number of tall characters that have carried and bear the name of your child may help you to choose your baby's name. From that first archangel, Saint Michael, we moved to the world of literature with figures like Miguel de Cervantes, Miguel de Unamuno or Miguel Delibes.

Nowadays we also have many known and admired faces that bear the name of your son, such as the singers Mick Jagger or Miguel Bosé. Or the actors Michael Douglas or Michael J. Fox. In the world of sports, the swimmer Michael Phelps or the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. It will not be difficult for you to find more references for one of the most frequent and preferred names by parents of all times.

- Cities that are also called Miguel
Did you know that there are some cities or regions in the world that are called Miguel? San Miguel is a municipality in El Salvador that has about 219,000 inhabitants. On the last Saturday in November, the Carnival of San Miguel is celebrated in style.

Do you like compound names? Many parents are clear that they want to put a certain name, in this case Miguel, but they do not know with what other nickname to accompany him. For all of them (which can also be your case), we have prepared a small list with some names that match Miguel perfectly. What is your favorite?

- Jorge Miguel
This compound name is very nice because it is balanced. Jorge is the perfect complement to Miguel. Did you know that it is a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who works the land'? Beautiful!

- Miguel Angel
One of the most frequent combinations with Miguel is Angel. And we are not surprised, because it sounds very nice! This second name is of Greek origin and means 'messenger'.

- Miguel Luis
Miguel Luis or Luis Miguel, which one do you like the most? Luis is a name with Germanic roots that means 'person enlightened in battle'.

- Juan Miguel
And what do you think of Juan Miguel? It is a classic name combination that, however, sounds original. With it, you give your child the opportunity to choose whether he wants to be called Miguel or Juan. This second name is of Hebrew origin and means 'faithful to God'.

- Alberto Miguel
If you prefer long names, since they sound distinguished and elegant to you, we suggest Alberto. It has German roots and means 'the one who stands out for his nobility'.

Do you believe in the dictates of numerology? Whether your answer is affirmative or negative, the truth is that it is fun to see what is the number that corresponds to the name of your child and the traits attributed to him. In this case, Miguel's number, by the position in the alphabet of the letters that compose it, is the 4.

Babies who have a name related to the number 4 are usually very calm and calm. However, they have great inner strength that leads them always to try a little harder and achieve everything they set out to do.

To this great willpower we must add that they have an innate interest in learning new things and satiating their curiosity. In addition, it should be noted that these babies have an overflowing imagination. Their creativity drives them to invent thousands of stories and build wonderful dreams.

And finally, we suggest some other names for boys that also begin with M. If you love Miguel, you may also like these other options. To make the decision of your baby's name easier, we share with you the meaning and origin of the following names. Let's see it!

- Mauro
On January 15, the saints of Mauro are celebrated, a boy's name that is of Latin origin and means 'the one who comes from Mauritania'. Do you like it for your baby?

- Manuel
Manuel is a widely used name, especially accompanied by other names to form a compound name. It is a nickname of Hebrew origin that means 'God accompanies us'. Did you know that his saint is celebrated on January 1?

- Martin
Martín is one of the fashionable names in countries like Spain. Its origin is Latin and its meaning is relative to the Roman god of war, Mars.

- Frames
Marcos, which in other languages ​​translates as Mark, Markus or Marc, is a nice name for a baby. Its origin is Latin and also refers to the god Mars.

- Matías
This name sounds traditional, making it a perfect choice for all parents who are looking for a name with a long history for their child. This name is of Hebrew origin and means 'gift of God'.

Now that you know much more about Miguel's nameWould you like to call your baby that? If you finally decide, keep in mind that September 29 will be forever marked on your calendar because it is your baby's special day, the day of Santo Miguel.

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