The real Christmas, children's play for the Christmas show

The real Christmas, children's play for the Christmas show

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Theatrical performances are an endearing pastime, especially if they have a Christmas flavor. And it is that spending time as a family doing a little theater or proposing it as an activity to do with all the students in the class is the most entertaining. On the occasion of the holidays, when Christmas functions are always organized, we have created the script of a children's play called 'The real Christmas' in which the smallest of the house will know the most magical meaning of Christmas. Surely no one forgets to clap at the end of the play!

Christmas is a magical time in which the streets are filled with lights and the windows of the toy stores, it is for that same reason that adults and children sometimes forget that Christmas is not just thinking about gifts, in fact, That's the least of it, the most important thing is to spend time with your family and enjoy a few moments that are priceless to the fullest. How to transmit this message to boys and girls? Very easy, with a play like the one we propose here. Let's go to see her!

Work description: Once upon a time, there was a city in which the inhabitants did nothing but think about what they were going to give and receive for Christmas. The elf who lived in that same city, tired of hearing about gifts, decided to use his magic wand, nothing less than the Christmas wand, to remind everyone that there are things much more important than toys and chocolate nougat.

Characters: Alba, Daniela, Nicolás and Jorge, as children, and Diego in the role of elf.

Material for the staging: Christmas decorations, a wand and really wanting to have fun.

Place where the action takes place: the streets of a city, (a similar scenario can be prepared in the auditorium of a school).

The curtain opens, Nicolás is seen pacing from one side to the other.

Nicholas: Christmas is just a few days away and I still haven't packed the presents!

Nicolás: I think I'm going to give my aunt some delicious chocolate bonbons, my uncle a cup of tea, and my grandparents a nice vase of flowers.

Nicholas: (continues walking from one place to another) I have to hurry if I want to have everything ready.

He leaves the stage and Jorge enters the scene.

George: (looking forward) How little is left for Christmas Eve! We always go to my uncles' house and they always have a gift for me.

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George: What will they give me this year? (He makes a thoughtful face)

George: And on top of that, the Three Wise Men are coming, I'm going to have a lot of toys!

He stands to one side of the stage to continue thinking about the gifts. At that moment Alba appears.

Sunrise: How beautiful the city is at Christmas! (He walks around to see the lights and decorations) It smells sweet and there are tons of toys in the windows!

Sunrise: This year I think I'm going to give everyone sweets. What I don't know yet is what I'm going to ask for in my letter to Santa Claus.

Sunrise: Come on There is a beautiful doll in that store! (He walks away to look at the window)

Daniela enters the scene.

Daniela: (sings a Christmas carol) I love Christmas!

Daniela: A remote control car, some new paintings, a few stories ... There are so many gifts I would like to have! I heard that this year there is a drawing contest, I am going to do one to see if I win the prize.

He grabs his pencils and goes home to prepare his drawing.

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The little goblin Diego enters the scene.

Diego: How bored I am! I've been sitting here for a while and I've only heard of presents and more presents. Sweets, dolls, cars ... But not a trace of laughter, spending time with the family or going for a walk.

Diego: It gives me that these children do not know how to value Christmas, I think I'm going to teach them a lesson.

He grabs his magic Christmas wand and hides behind a tree.

Nicholas: (enters the scene with a happy face) I've almost got it all!

Diego: (comes out from behind the tree, points his wand at Nicolás) If you don't know how to value Christmas, you will become a stick.

Nicolás stands still like a stick without moving. At that moment the other three friends return with their purchases in hand. They look surprised when they see Nicolás.

George: (with a curious face) What happened to him?

Diego: He has become a stick for not knowing how to appreciate Christmas. What is the best thing about Christmas for you?

Everyone: gifts!

Diego: You leave me no choice. (Waves his magic wand and turns the children into statues)

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The goblin is seen pacing back and forth with his wand in hand.

Diego: What can I do to help these children understand that Christmas is much more than receiving gifts?

Diego: Already! I will sprinkle them with some invisible powder.

He reaches into his pocket and takes out a good handful of invisible powder.

Diego: If you want to enjoy the real Christmas beyond, you will have to look. (Opens his hand and blows)

A few seconds later the children, little by little, begin to move.

Sunrise: How weird! Something has happened but I'm not sure what.

George: I feel a little weird too ...

Diego: Well, what do you like the most about Christmas?

Sunrise: What I like the most is playing with my cousins.

Daniela: For me to draw, in fact, this year I am going to give everyone drawings made by me.

George: Well, I have a great time playing board games with my grandparents.

Nicholas: I prefer to go for a walk with my parents. We always talk about many things.

Diego: (He makes a satisfied face because he has achieved his goal) And what about the gifts?

Nicholas: Gifts? They are fine and they are very exciting but there are many other things to enjoy at Christmas.

Everyone: We agree!

Diego: How glad I am to hear you speak like this! What's more, I have a gift for you.

Sunrise: A gift?

Diego: Yes, I give you my magic wand for Christmas. When you see someone who leaves aside the true spirit of Christmas, all you have to do is wave the magic wand three times to turn it into a stick.

Everyone: We will do it!

The curtain closes. End of the work.

We can only ask you one question, what do you like the most about Christmas? Be careful what you say, the children are nearby and have the magic wand of Christmas!

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